What 5 CEOs Are Saying About Cryptocurrency And Its Future

What 5 CEOs Are Saying About Cryptocurrency And Its Future

There’s much controversy when it comes to talks of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Some people say cryptocurrency is the future of money, others consider it a speculation, a hype or just “junk”. This article is a summary of some of the bullish and positive opinions expressed by CEOs and founders of different companies regarding digital currencies and the related blockchain technology.


Things seem to be going well for the cryptocurrency ecosystem, as Ethereum co-founder and CEO of Consensys Joe Lubin has pointed out in an interview for Bloomberg. He claims that the several so-called bubbles in the cryptocurrency market and with the recent cryptocurrency price collapse have been beneficial to his company and their work since they brought more attention, surge of activity and new developers and investors into the picture, as well as “money, and the prospect of building fundamental infrastructure and creating more value”. In his view, the prices would rise again due to the same correlation of new investors, increased activity and technology and infrastructure development.
Here’s what he also said: “we build more fundamental infrastructure, we see a correction, and the potential gets even more impressive… I absolutely expect that there is a strong correlation between the rise in price and the growth of fundamental infrastructure in the ecosystem and the growth of development in the ecosystem. We are probably two orders of magnitude bigger as a developer community than we were eight or ten months ago.”


Harry Pokrandt, the CEO of Hive blockchain, talking about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, has stated for Forbes:
“Over the next few years, we’ll see Blockchain technology evolve far outside of just currency and financial services. It will disrupt and decentralize nearly every industry that exists and truly will change the world. This new decentralized world is being referred to as the ‘web 3.0’, and it’s something we’re very excited about here at HIVE. Our vision is to truly be the backbone of this new web 3.0 decentralized world by building, operating, and acquiring the critical infrastructure that will be required to power it.”


When interviewed for Bloomberg, The CEO of the cryptocurrency hedge fund Pantera, Dan Morehead said that “Bitcoin is a screaming buy”, and referring to the forecast for Bitcoin’s worth in about 10 years, he said “there are some big numbers out there”, and he also added “I think within 12 months we will have new highs”. Having referred to the Warren Buffets statement about Bitcoin being a “rat poison”, he inferred “if Bitcoin is a rat poison, the banks are the rats”.


Jeremy Allaire, the CEO of Circle (Peer-to-peer payment technology company) has said for CNBC “Our view is that all fiat currency will be crypto. It seems inevitable at this point.” He has additionally stated again for CNBC that “We are gonna start to see more of the exciting opportunities as we go into the second half of this year as the focus isn’t just the core commodities such as Bitcoin or Ether, but it really gets into the applications and higher level of utilities that people are building on top of them”.


Brian Armstrong, founder, and CEO of Coinbase was recently talking about the prospects of cryptocurrency at the Players Technology Summit in San Francisco. In a similar manner to Joe Lubin’s statement, Armstrong has implied that after each bubble related to digital currencies, there are benefits for companies dealing with cryptocurrencies and the crypto market as a whole.
Here are some quotes from the conference with Brian Armstrong:
“The way I see it this technology is going through a series of bubbles and corrections…, and each time it does that it’s at a new plateau.”
“the real world adoption usage is steadily increasing each year”.
“This technology is a way to stay on the forefront of both finance and tech”

As a bonus point of view, we are showing the statement of Gabon Gurbacs, the director of the digital asset strategy in the investment management firm Vaneck referring to Bitcoin as digital gold.
“Message to investors: Bitcoin is two-thirds a safe-haven asset and or digital gold and one-third trades like a tax stock.”

Having seen all those remarks made by the people mentioned above, it seems that there are more positive than negative outlooks on cryptocurrency. Seemingly, more and more people are getting optimistic rather than skeptical. Still, there are many critics and skeptics out there as it is with any new thing, let alone technology.