Steve Wozniak Announced Involvement In a Blockchain Project With Cryptocurrency Start-up Equi Capital

Steve Wozniak Announced Involvement In a Blockchain Project With Cryptocurrency Start-up Equi Capital

Continuing with the vibe from our previous post which was about the positive statements of some of the proponents of blockchain and cryptocurrency, it is worth adding that Apple’s co-founder and tech Guru Steve Wozniak is also very optimistic in that department. He has been endorsing Bitcoin and has expressed great praise on blockchain and cryptocurrencies on several occasions. At the Money20/20 conference in Amsterdam he has stated the following:

“What an incredible thing bitcoin is. It is still here, working after I don’t know how many years it’s been and it hasn’t even changed and it’s not owned or controlled by any company. Blockchain might be a bubble, but it’s on the right track. Bitcoin is there and nobody runs it, owns it and yet it works so well.”

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At the same conference for CNBC, he has also declared that “Only Bitcoin is pure digital gold”, he even refers to it as something that is growing and surviving without someone controlling it, thus to him it is something natural. He seems to be a true supporter, indeed, although he admits he is not an investor and he doesn’t aim to be. As excited as he is for Bitcoin, he also seems positive about Ethereum.

Just recently, the noted electronics engineer, often called by his nickname the Woz, has announced that he is working on a blockchain project along with investment-focused cryptocurrency start-up Equi Capital, which has released an Ethereum token. Equi has been founded by Baroness Michelle Mone of Mayfair Obe and Doug Barrowman, there is another co-founder who is soon to be announced on their website. Steve Wozniak did not provide any details on what his role at the company would be. Equi’s goal is to serve as an investment firm with the idea to facilitate investing for retail investors in an effort to replace traditional venture capital investing. It is developing a blockchain platform called EQUI blockchain. Each Equi token is currently worth $0.50 (36p) each and can be traded in the same manner as other cryptocurrencies.

Baroness Michelle Mone is a Scottish entrepreneur, designer, and public speaker. Here’s a quote from her interview for Sky News, when she was talking about her start-up Equi:

“It brings venture capital investing into the modern technology era and allows individuals to combine forces and participate in an investment sector that has only been open to high-net individuals and corporations”

Just a few months ago, in March 2018, Equi Capital released its initial coin offering (ICO), targeting to raise $75 million within a period of six weeks. When it was only able to raise 10% of the initial target sum, the EQUI company extended its ICO for an additional six weeks. This endeavor also failed to meet the firm’s fundraising objective. So, having all that in mind, it is a bit surprising and controversial that namely Equi has caught Steve Wozniak’s eye. In any case, he expressed enthusiasm talking about his involvement with Equi. Here’s what he said for NullTX (Null transaction).

“I’m involved with, very soon, my first time being involved in a blockchain company. [It’s] called Equi… Our approach is not like a new currency or something phony where an event will make it go up in value. It’s a share of stock, in a company. This company is doing investment by investors with huge track records in good investments in things like apartment buildings in Dubai. We have one person in our group who has listed out a whole apartment building for Bitcoin… We might be starting up in Malta around the time of their blockchain conference. Some countries are very positive about [blockchain] the same way they were about electric vehicles.”