People Can Now Pay in Bitcoin to Send Messages Into Space

People Can Now Pay in Bitcoin to Send Messages Into Space

Blockstream is a blockchain technology company developing bitcoin applications, and more specifically – enterprise-grade settlement networks, consumer wallets, Bitcoin satellites. Blockstream is one of the most significant contributors to Bitcoin core funding. Their goal is to allow users to perform bitcoin transactions without the need for internet access.

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How do those Blockstream satellites work?

Blockstream runs five satellites orbiting the Earth and sending blockchain data to almost any spot on the planet’s surface. The Blockstream satellite project is based on the leasing of (broadcast) bandwidth on specific frequency from commercial communication satellites that lease frequencies to providers. By using these leased frequencies, Blockstream can transmit to the satellites a signal from ground stations that is then repeated. This signal is encoded and contains blocks and transactions broadcast from the ground that are then bounced off satellites and transmitted back to Earth. This project can be useful for receiving bitcoin information and keeping a node synced continually and validating transactions without third-party censorship and supervision and internet connection.

Through Blockstream’s network and its project called, people can now pay (a few cents) in bitcoin to send messages to outer space without any restrictions from NASA or the government. As of now, this latest novelty in bitcoin-related technology is still considered “just for fun,” but who knows what kind of opportunities this might bring in the future.
In December, Blockstream launched an update to its software, introducing new features of the application programming interface (API) with which people could start using their satellites to send messages. While sending messages with the Blockstream API is quite easy, a user needs a satellite receiver (for now) to retrieve them. To send a message, a user pays a fee in the Blockstream payment network called Lightning, which is built on top of bitcoin.

Here are some of the messages sent which has been submitted so far:

“Still hard to grasp the fact, that I’m blanketing a big part of the Earth with my message, on demand, instantly. I wonder, does anybody [read this message]?”

“I’m curious how long will this trial time last, that I can broadcast myself to the Earth for testnet coins, anyway I’m loving it.”

“love you.”

“I can’t decide which is cooler, to use a satellite for this silly message to reach the surface of the Earth, or using the Lightning instant payment network, both feels utterly awesome, I think I will tell this tale for my grandkids someday, maybe in a postcivilization wasteland, but still. Without bitcoin, I wouldn’t have too much faith for the future.”

“2 days ago a random puppy ran to me at a park from 10 meters, I petted him pretty good, and she didn’t want to follow her owner after it. Good day”

The twitter user grubles has been posting the messages, and you can check them here.