Islamic Finance Meets Blockchain Technology

Islamic Finance Meets Blockchain Technology

Islamic Finance Meets Blockchain Technology

Caizcoin marks the next step in the cryptocurrency domain – bringing blockchain technology to Islamic business enthusiasts.

Its fully own blockchain bears the name of Caizchain, which will be ready for the public during the next months. Why is this great news?

Because we’re talking about the first liberal Islamic decentralized blockchain – meaning that it was recognized as compliant according to Islamic finance principles and is “Fatwa” certified by Islamic scholars.

And what is even better is that the nodes are going to be validated via staking – meaning that everyone has the chance to get additional CAIZ rewards and that the transfers are going to be ultra-fast. 

What can you find on the Caizcoin ecosystem?

The Caizcoin ecosystem includes a range of innovative features centered around the Caizchain, Caizcoin’s own blockchain.

The first thing you are going to notice on Caizcoin’s homepage is the CAIZ token, which is the core of the ecosystem. CAIZ is a decentralized cryptocurrency, so holding it will grant the security of personal and financial data, you being the only one who manages your assets. 

Besides its token, Caizcoin also has its own wallet – an instrument to transfer assets internationally in no-time. There is no limit regarding how long you can keep the assets in your wallet for, and you can make withdrawals anytime. 

How safe is the Caizchain?

First of all, Caizchain is built with blockchain technology, so you have anonymity and autonomy from the outset without encounters with third parties. Everything you do on this platform is encrypted – which guarantees full anonymity for its users

Secondly, if somehow this party gets your account password, it would not be enough to break it. That is because Caizchain enables a 2-factor authentication that will require a code sent to your email address.

Who backs up Caizchain?

The platform was created emphasizing both the Islamic values and the modern values of new generations – transparent and future-oriented at the same time.   

The team behind Caizchain consists of both Muslim and non-muslim economists with wide expertise in their domain. 

Their roadmap also proves their dedication and interest in user’s needs. In 2021 Caizcoin will be listed on the major exchanges and will be launching not only the Caizchain but also features such as its own wallet and the Caizscan amongst others.

And if you are not convinced about how promising the Caizcoin is, note that just a search on Google will get you to articles written on websites like Business Insider, Cointelegraph, or Yahoo Finance.

Don’t miss the chance and join one of the most intriguing blockchain projects of this year. Don’t forget to also follow them on social media to be up to date with any offer or future technologies.