Bitcoin Betting on Game of Thrones Season 8 Possible with Bitcoin Fauset

Bitcoin Betting on Game of Thrones Season 8 Possible with Bitcoin Fauset

A bitcoin faucet is usually a website or an app which represent a reward system for visitors and users who complete specific tasks or captcha (challenge-response test), and in exchange they receive Satoshi. The purpose of faucets is to help introduce new people to the concept of bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, without the risk related to investing. The reward amounts are typically minimal and deposited into micro wallets or individual wallets which are called secure digital accounts. is one of the largest bitcoin faucets out there with more than 18 M registered users. The features it provides are a weekly lottery, Hi-Lo game, Referral program, Bitcoin Dice online casino, and the newly introduced online betting. With this betting feature, users will be able to bet on bitcoin price, sports, and TV shows.

Bitcoin can now be used to bet on the finale and other events from the hit HBO Show – Game of Thrones.

The Game of Thrones series has broken records on viewership and has a large, active, international fandom and following. It is definitely one of the most impactful shows ever created projecting its cultural and social influence in different areas of life. Considering the fact that the last 8th season just recently aired, it was inevitable that there would be bets on how the show would end, who would sit on the iron throne and other variables related to the plot. Clearly, the crypto world could also not miss on the opportunity to become part of the Game of thrones betting.

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Betting on for possible Game of thrones outcomes includes a system with a reward multiplier which decreases over time motivating users for short term betting. The system rewards those who place bets as soon as possible with a larger share of the total prize. The current prize pool for the Game of Thrones betting is just a bit over 1.5 BTC (about $7,900) and is just under a month away from the completion of the event.

The bets on Jon Snow ruling the Seven Kingdoms has a lead with about 45 percent of bets placed. Other options include Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, and Bran Stark, and Unknown. As the rules are explained on the site this is what they say about the option “Unknown”:

In case there is no winner, or somebody other than the characters listed wins the Iron Throne, “Unknown” will win the bet. If more than one person shares the Iron Throne, the prize money will be divided equally between users betting on the winning outcomes.