A List of Crypto Tools Useful For Trading and Investing

A List of Crypto Tools Useful For Trading and Investing

Here on coinchefs.com we’ve talked about trading styles, fundamental and technical analysis indicators, wallets, etc. and they all can be quite useful for trading and investing. Also, we have pointed out that navigating into the crypto world and “playing the game” can be quite challenging and plainly hard,  so if one wants to do it right, they will need a set of tools and services which could help increase productivity and improve performance. Despite the complexity and volatility of the market, it is still alluring and profitable. The tools and services available provide the means and insight to analyze, synthesize information and make effective decisions. So in this article, we are sharing a list with useful tools and services any of you must have to trade or invest in crypto.

tools and services1.Sources of Market Information and analysis resources:

Price and volume trackers fall into that category.


Coinmarketcap.com – it is the biggest and most visited website which tracks prices, market cap, volume, listings of coins and tokens.




2.Portfolio management

These are services usually in the form of apps which facilitate keeping track of one’s investments of multiple coins, losses and profits and so on.

Blockfolio, 3commas, Cointracking.

3. Crypto news aggregators and blogs

  • Coinsutra.com
  • cryptopanic
  • newsbtc.com
  • cointelegraph.com
  • bitcoinist.com
  • ethnes.com etc.


Wallets are software or hardware which helps store and manage cryptocurrency. You can check our list of wallets in this article.

5. Analysis tools 

This is referring mostly to technical analysis charts and indicators as well as software and online platforms. Here are some examples:

TradingView is charting service and a social media platform for traders and investors.

Cup and handle chart

Moving average indicator

6. Exchanges

These are services and platforms which allow people to trade (buy and sell) digital currencies for other assets (fiat money or other virtual currencies). The most popular cryptocurrency exchanges are Coinbase, Binance, OKEx, etc.

7. Social tools and forums 

Examples: BitcoinTalk, TradingView, Quora and Reddit, Cryptocurrency talk, etc.

8. Other useful software tools:

Coinmarketcal.com – cryptocurrency calendar

Coinigy is a cryptocurrency trading software. It connects to all of the major cryptocurrency exchanges and allows you to trade directly off the charts.